April 30th, 2002

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More selections from one of the best books ever written...

"Do you believe in angels?"
"I believe in angels," she whispered. I believe in you.

* * *

His brown eyes looked at her with such compassion that she felt as if he were touching her heart with hands made of an angel's light.

* * *

"I know, I'm not so terrible. But I'm not so great, either, and I always thought I was. I wonder if other people think about their lives the way I did. I would look around and see all the mistakes others were making, and I thought I wasn't going to be so foolish. I was going to make my mark on the world. But look at me now. A handful of people know my name. A handful of people know I'm dying, and then when I am dead, even that handful will forget."
"I won't forget."

* * *

"I'm afraid to die unloved."

* * *

Everything was happening in the eternal moment, and that was the one place she refused to be. She was always looking ahead to something that might be better, longing for it, or else stuck in the past, worrying about what could have been. The one thing she never did...was live fully in the present.
She was always longing to be loved.

* * *

"Bill, you know how they say time heals all wounds?"
"Well, what if time ran out? Do you think love could heal what was left?"
"I'd like to think so. Hey, what's so special about those two clay figures?"
Ilonka closed her eyes and hugged the statue to her heart.
"Death couldn't tear them apart." She said. "Death couldn't touch them."

~Christopher Pike, The Midnight Club
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Woo Hoo

I got an A on my analysis of Cruel Intentions! Yea me!
So my New Testament final yesterday went fine, and so did my bio one today. I got all of the reproduction questions wrong...I have no idea what happens during menstruation, all I know is it's painful. But I still think I did okay. I actually like genetics. There is an aspect of science I do find interesting. But you know what? It's all mathematical, I think that's why.
Tonight is Film Appreciation, then tomorrow is Psych of Except. Learner and Drama in the Christian Worship, and Thurs is Math Proof and I leave Friday morning! I'm kinda sad, cause I'm going to miss Sarah and Julie like crazy, but I'm really excited to be going home. Okay, talk to you later, time to munch on some grindage!
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Theater, theater, theater

Hello everybody. This is an update on the theater aspect of my life.

Next year I am on the ACT board. ACT stands for Artists of Concordia Theater, and it's pronounced A-C-T, never as "act." My dear friend Julie and I are Property Managers. That means we are in charge of finding crew heads for every show, even if we are the crew heads. Julie is going to have her hands full second semester if (when?) I go to Australia. So that's one cool thing. I was kinda wanting to be makeup manager, but that's okay, I can still help out in that aspect; I'm sure Lindsay won't want to do all the shows herself.

I think I mentioned it earlier, but I might be able to do Fish next year, Australia notwithstanding. Which is very exciting for me, because most of you know how much I love that aspect of my life. I've come to really enjoy the Fish symbol, too...it's almost as much of a thing as Scooby-Doo and She-Ra are. So if anyone wants ideas for presents for me come November, Fish things are very cool.

The plays we are doing next year are Up The Down Staircase (as Reader's Theater), Neil Simon's Brighton Beach Memoirs, which is really great, I read it this semester, and the musical second semester is Jesus Christ, Superstar. I'm really excited about the two fall ones, although I would like to see Phil, the director's, interpretation of JCS. He's really interesting. This summer he's directing A Midsummer Night's Dream, performances are at the end of July if anyone wants to take a road trip with me to Chicago, I can almost guarantee a great production; he's a great director. Anyway, I'm really excited because I think I did a really great job in the one-acts (teee heee, I had someone tell me that again today-- "I hated you so much!") and I think that gives me a much better chance of being cast in Brighton Beach (which I would rather do over Up the Down Staircase only cause I really want to ACT and not just reader's theater, although I really enjoy reader's theater, too). But the cast of BBM is small and the cast of UTDS is large, like 20 or so, so I have a good chance to get that, it seems. Hopefully. But anyway, I am just so excited about theater next year! And I wanted to share my excitment with everyone else. So consider it shared.

A PS that has nothing to do with theater: I thought that Australia was completely off for a while today; it looked like I wasn't going to have enough teacher aiding hours to graduate in four years, but I should be able to get a whooping forty next semester which will bring me up to par. So that puts Down Under back in the running. Yea! And the peasants rejoiced.

Smile everyone! Life is good! And even if it isn't, think about a time when it was, and smile, darnit!
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