May 18th, 2002

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News in my life:

I want Padme's wardrobe. Especially that blue number she was wearing on the trip to Tatooine, the one that showed her tummy. I've been told I have a cute tummy...

My dad's work is offering part time jobs to friends/relatives of employees. Twenty five dollars an hour. Even if I work 10 hours a week that is STILL more than I make at Party City in a week. But I want to cry, cause I'm not even eligible. You have to work until the 6th of Sept. and I can't miss the first three weeks of school. Sigh...

I get to see Beef tomorrow! Happy happy me! I'm so thrilled. You have no idea. And I get to go to my first comic con. And I get to do something else, I don't think he or I know yet what we shall be doing. And I only work five hours. Although I'm getting screwed next week, they only have me scheduled for 28, and I desperately need the money. Looks like I don't even have a choice for that second job; if I want to have any money to spend this summer it's a must. And I really want to buy some new clothes; I have been feeling really pretty lately and I would like to dress apropriately. Basically I really want some more cute clothes...I don't have that many. Anywho...I guess that's it for that paragraph.

Try and make some phone calls on Sunday, including to Sarah, cause I saw Star Wars and she'd be proud.

Just finishing up Brief Lives, and I am still so addicted. Can't wait to finish. Also want to read Neverwhere again, now that I have a copy. I owe too many people money, and I need to pay a few of them back right now. Crap. At least I have a good 500 coming from my mom, hopefully, unless she tries to weasel out of more of's already down from a grand.

Aw, man. My dad was just telling me more about the part time job. It's Friday and Monday, regular pay up till eight hours, then time and a half for anything over. Saturday is time and a half for the first 8 hours and then double time for anything over. Sunday is double time for the first 8 and then time and a half for anything over. I'd be making more than my father!

Alright, now I'm depressed and I don't feel like writing. Later!
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