May 22nd, 2002


A GREAT movie

"That was the time when people knew how to be in love. They knew it! Time, distance, nothing could separate them, because they knew it was right. It was real."

A GREAT movie with a GREAT plot no matter what SOMEONE says. I mean, girl falls in love with a guy she hears on a radio talk show, just from what he says? And same guy sees same girl in the airport and follows her because he can't take his eyes off of her, he's so in love at first sight? Great movie if you're a hopeless romantic, like moi.
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Party City Bitchfest (If you don't want to hear a lot of complaining, don't read)

Alright, I hate my job. They do not pay me enough. Tonight is the reason that I no longer work weeknights. Big-Wigs are coming to visit the store tomorrow. So it has to look good, which is why Curtis asked me to recover, so someone who does a good job would do it. Fine, whatever. Well, last week Curtis went over budget on hours by HALF AN HOUR, so they cut the hours this week. Which means we are understaffed. And we have a big grad sale and stuff: Basically the store is like Chirstmas at any other store. Yesterday we sold way more than we were budgeted to sell. So we're doing more customers than expected and we have less people working that we're supposed to, you put those two together and you get THE STORE IS TRASHED! Yesterday my sister didn't get out of work until 10:30. (We close at nine.) So the store is trashed. There are there people closing tonight. Me, Becky (a minor, can't stay past 10:30) and Renee, a really bad worker. Renee and Becky rang ALL NIGHT almost without a break, and the lines were long enough to warrent me opening a register, but Curtis didn't want me to ring. So at five I start to recover the aisles. At seven o'clock I'm still working on the SAME AISLE. This is how trashed the store is. So fine, we close at 9, most of the customers have left. By then I have 8, half of 7, and 6 recovered, and I'm almost done with 5. Okay, so Sandy is one of the new supervisors. She's my age, and not as good a worker as I am (that may sound really egotistical, but it's true). But she goes to school at Eastern, so she can hold a fulltime position, unlike me. Anyway, she starts walking the aisles, without telling me what she's doing. She comes down Aisle Five and says:
"Don't hate me."
"Cause I'm walking the aisles, and 1-4 have stuff all on the floor that isnt' supposed to be there."
"Okay, well, I haven't done those aisles yet."
"Well, they still look like crap."
ARGH, there was no reason for her to do that...had she asked, I would have told her that they weren't done yet. That's okay, though, cause Becky sorted all the returns into baskets, and then left. There were about 20 or so of them, FULL OF CRAP to be returned. That's fine. I'm getting over being sick, and mom has to drive my sisters to school tomorrow morning, so she has to get up early, so I tell Curtis I'm leaving at 11. First of all I'd been working since four without a break, I was starving, and it was just plain stupid. There was no way they could be expected to have the store looking good when we're understaffed. Anyway, though, when I left none of the returns had been done, which means that Sandy probably ended up doing them anyway. So that's fine. Anyway, I'm tired and hungry and I'm done with all my online stuff so I'm going to stop rambling now. Goodnight.
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