May 26th, 2002

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Brett, I again, must give you credit, you picked a great day to go. For those of you who didn't go and expected it to be both really busy because it was a holiday saturday and really crappy because of the predicted thunderstorms, you were wrong. I didn't wait in line any longer than forty-five minutes (I didn't wait for the Mantis and I think that was longer than forty five but I could be wrong, cause I was sleeping while they were waiting). And it was a little cold in the morning, but by the afternoon I was shirtless and comfy. (So were Mel and Burkee.) And when the thunderstorms started rolling in quickly at 6:00ish we had pretty much ridden everything we wanted to, and some twice. Speaking of riding...I DIDN'T GET LAID TIMMY!!!!!!!! I'm thoroughly disappointed. I see how it is. Fine. Just means that I have to see you soon so I can get some. :)
Alright, let's see, was there anything else to say? Brett got credit for the day, there was someone else that I thought I was supposed to give credit to, now I can't remember. It was really cool to see Nikki again, hey, she should come to LNO sometime. And it was also really cool to see everyone else agian...Giggles I'm really really glad you came. Hope everything worked out alright...and hope that shirtless comment doesn't get you in trouble ;)
Have a good day everyone...

Oh, I know what else I wanted to say...
Way back when everyone (or most everyone) took that "Which Sandman character are you?" quiz, Beef, I think it was, posted that everyone seemed to get ones that made sense to the person. And now that I've read a lot more of them, I agree even more.
Those who got-
Dream: In Brief Lives, he gets dumped, and it rains in The Dreaming for a month at least.
Death: Everytime she has a conversation with Dream all I can picture is Burkee talking to Brett.
Delirium: Okay, she is just too cool to not be me...seriously, she's just so crazy, and I betcha if Lauren had taken the test she would've gotten her, too. Cause we're both, well, just completely insane.

Okay, now I think that's it.
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