May 29th, 2002


I hate being home sometimes...

I still haven't actually seen Brewer, and Timmy aside from Cedar Point, and Melissa for that matter and this weekend is out, and I have to find a weekend to go visit Sara and do nothing but watch "Friends" episodes, for like 20 hours straight or something, and I have to work on my portfolio and I HAVE NO TIME and dial up still sucks.

But I thankfully got to talk to at least one person that I hadn't talked to since school let out. And talking to Sarah from Napa really cheered me up a lot. She's buying the both of us light sabers from my work (they really light up) so that we can have duels...tee hee hee. And I'm buying her a bunch of other SW crap from work too, it's really neat. Okay so then, now I think I'm done. Have a great night. Respond to my entries! I like comments!
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Found this in quotes...seemed damn appropriate in the worst way

"Love is knowing that no matter how much it hurts that someone will never leave you alone. Love is knowing how much you belong to someone when you feel like the rest of the world has abandoned you. Love is knowing that no matter what happens I will always hold your hand and love you in return. Don't you get it, Jack? Love isn't about how much it hurts if it ends. Love is about how much it makes you happy while you have it. If you knew Manny would have died like that would you have given up loving him all your life to avoid that pain?"
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