May 31st, 2002

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"At a crowded Birmingham barbecue joint on a sunny April day, Brittany sits beside her mom and talks about her nightmare. Conversations at nearby booths clatter to a halt, but Brittany refuses to speak in hushed tones. This is her life. She has learned not to be ashamed, only reflective. She admits she was naïve and maybe not as smart as she thought. The big lesson she has learned? Brittany pauses briefly before the words spill out.

'Never trust anyone.'"

~Out of Control, ESPN magazine
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s60 harriet half smile


Hey, my mom said something interesting earlier. I showed her the Cedar Point sneak peek pic that I had on my keychain, and she glanced at it, then she said, "Hey, I wanna see who Nikki is, which one is she?"
"The one all the way to the left."
"Next to you?"
"I think so." (I wasn't looking at it; no, I'm not just that stupid.)
"Hey, she looks like you, except for the hair color."
"No, she doesn--hey, wait a minute, she does."

So, while normally we may not look alike, we do look very similar in that picture; those of you who went and got one can tell me if you agree or disagree or whatnot. But I think so. In that pic, we have very similar smiles.

Alright, keyboard isn't functioning properly anymore, that means it's bedtime. Night!

And to end, this is why the return key is a pain in the butt:

EightbalBeef: lol
moredetails15: s
moredetails15: weet dreams
EightbalBeef: s?
EightbalBeef: oh, and for a moment that looked like wet dreams
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