June 1st, 2002


Some thoughts

My friend Sarah from Napa loves Star Wars. Has since she was little. She's definitely a fanatic. But that's fine. Spending time with her for the past nine months I didn't go a week without hearing about Episode 2. In fact, I got so excited about it that I saw it opening day. (I almost saw it at the midnight showing, but then I would have seen it before Sarah and she would have disowned me.) Well, since then I've really been kinda into Star Wars. In fact, I wouldn't mind watching the trilogy again soon. I think I would consider myself a Star Wars fan. Never was before. I think that if I could afford to, I'd even buy some of the stuff we have at work for myself...or some of the stuff I saw at the comic con with Beef...or other stuff that I've seen around. They would be cool to have. But I don't. I suppose it might appear to some people that I'm copying Sarah, because I've never been into it before. But I think I've just learned to appreciate something that I've never noticed as cool before. It's always been cool, just not to me, and now it is.

And in summary---
I had two returns first thing today, right as we opened. I called my manager up, and he proceeded to give me his register key, and his numbers, and his password, and said, "It's illegal, but I don't care." I just wish they'd make me a supe already; I'm already doing half the work of one.
Troy took me out for lunch. Actually he made a picnic lunch and we ate outside the store next to the parking lot. It was really, really sweet. He's so great. I wish more people could see that.
Beef "surprised" me at work. That was fun. He helped like five customers and brought a lady's bags out to the car for her. He's so cute.
The District manager was there today. When I saw him, I said, "Joooeee." He wasn't wearing boss threads today, though.

My sis had her party this afternoon. I had lots of fun. I flew a kite! Yea! I got it all the way to the end of the string, and then I got sad cause I had no more string to use. And then I let one of Kelsey's friends fly it and it crashed. And we couldn't get it back up. But it was lots of fun for me anyway. And I saw my grandparents; my grandpa is cool. He fixed my kite so it would fly better, but then the wind died.
I really liked The Sum of All Fears. Ben is very cute when he's getting walked all over, repeatedly, again and again. He was adorable all through the whole movie. I want to see it again.

I think that's it for today.
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