June 4th, 2002



I have discovered that my mood generally matches the weather. It was crappy and sickly outside yesterday and I felt crappy and sickly inside yesterday. Then it got better out and I got better, um, in. Yeah. But it did that in Chicago all the time, too. When it was cold I was usually either pissed off and irritable or I was sick, but whenever it got warm and I happy and carefree. I just thought that was interesting.
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What does "Availability Sheet" mean to you?

I decided I didn't want to work weekends this summer, cause I'd end up requesting most of them off to see people anyway, right? Besides, working Sat. mornings in June sucks; all I do is blow up balloons. I hate grad season. So on my availability sheet I said, NONE ON SATURDAY AND SUNDAY. Right? I get in on Monday to see my schedule for that week (gee, let's not post it until after I leave on Friday so that I can't do anything about it in time to actually change it). And I'm scheduled to work Saturday morning at SEVEN THIRTY! (Yeah, sometime between last summer and this summer the REALLY DUMB RM decided to, gee, make us open an hour earlier on Saturdays (POINTLESS, no one comes during that hour anyway except the three balloon orders). So it wouldn't be too big a deal, I know that a lot of the teens requested it off for grad parties, except this Saturday happens to be MY sister's grad party. So I have no idea how I'm getting home, but it sucks. So I tell Curtis, the store manager, that I wasn't supposed to be scheduled, and he says, "I didn't make the schedule, Doloros did." So I find Doloros, and I told her that I couldn't work on Saturday, I'm not supposed to be scheduled. She says, "No one told me that."

"Um, isn't that what an availability sheet is for?"

So I say that I can't, and she says something about all the fucking kids (this is the one who swears like a drunken sailor) taking it off, because of parties or whatever, and I said, well, yeah, and this weekend happens to be my sister's party. And then I start to walk away and I see Sandy, so I say something to her about an availability sheet meaning squat here and as I turn the corner I hear my MANANGER say, "EMEHHENEMEHNEMEHENMEMENNENMENHNME" That is roughly translated into "Childish mocking noises." It was incredibly unprofessional and really, really immature.

So, then after I figure that there's no way I'm going to get anyone to work for me and switch hours before today (my one day off), I make plans to go to the zoo today. Of course, this morning I receive a phone call from my other manager, Bill, "You wanna come and work today instead of Saturday?" Gee, you couldn't have offered that to me YESTERDAY?!?

So I'm working on Saturday. (Bonus points to whoever can tell me who that line is mimicking.)
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I had a bunch of other things to write, too...

...but I think I'll just make them short and sweet.

There's a reason I don't talk a lot when I'm out with people sometimes, I discovered yesterday. No one listens. (I wish you had been there, Melissa, whether or not you want to you always listen.)

Something I had wanted to tell two people was this: My great grandma is the cutest person in the world. She's stone deaf but won't admit it. Anyway, she gave me a cross when I saw her on Sunday and a card, that said, "I wanted to give you something so that you would always remember God loves you."

The wedding on Sat. was nice. Kari looked kickass in her dress, which, too, was kickass. And her voice cracked a couple of times. It made me think of my wedding...imagined with a few different people standing next to me. Still not quite sure who I even want on the other end.

I wanted to watch a Tom Clancy-like movie the other night, after I was still craving The Sum of All Fears. Troy suggested The Hunt For Red October. Five minutes into the movie, I remember that it is a Tom Clancy movie. Oops.

I think that's it. Have a good night everybody.

PS I got to see the polar bears again :-D
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