June 5th, 2002

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I like making up words. This is the reason for the title:

"Why, sometimes I've believed in as many as six impossible things before breakfast." ~Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

"There was hysteria in there, certainly, but there was also the exhaustion of someone who had managed, somehow, to believe several dozen impossible things in the last twenty-four hours, without even getting a proper breakfast." ~Neil Gaiman, Neverwhere

Reader's Digest pays $30 dollars a line for quotes, up to three lines. I think I'll be sending a few in.

My sister had her 8th grade graduation. All the girls were crying. I don't understand why. I looked in the program, and all but one of the ENTIRE CLASS is going to Wasteland. Um, they're gonna see each other for the next 4 years!?!

I saved my work at least $50 dollars today in balloon orders that were wrong. Two of the seven that weren't correct were for 48 balloons and only 24 had been rung up. ARGH!!! And Raphael doens't charge for inflation, EVER! Why can't they fire him? I can work in his place, and they get like 3 apps a day and they're not even hiring, I'm sure they could replace him by the end of the summer.

That's my rant for the day. Seeing as I have to be at work in five hours, I'm going to rack out. (Yes, I stole that phrase from Brett. I like it and plan on using it lots. Deal with it.)
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