June 23rd, 2002

s60 harriet half smile

A good weekend...

"Screw you!"
"Right now? Cause...that might be kind of fun, on the grass. I mean, we have a blanket and stuff too."

I had such a good time with Melissa. We both so needed that. Just a day of nothing but fun. And forgetting to bring cash so we had to drive all the way back into town and then back to the beach again. And I fell asleep on my stomach and got fried. There're stripes on my arms, it's funny looking. I feel like a grilled cheese sandwhich that someone forgot to turn over.

And today was another good day at work. Sandy and I got most of the balloon counter clean and got rid of most of Raphael's leftover screwups. Then we also stocked the weights. Although I found out that we are doing the latex balloons differently now...instead of pulling them off the shelf we have to order them separately...and when we're out of a color in the "balloon counter bags" we're OUT of a color. Period. It's gonna turn out badly...

And lastly, I am getting my wisdom removed tomorrow so I'm probaby not going to be at LNO for anyone who wants to know. And I think this Wednesday's Everybody Night Out will be bowling, but I'm not sure where. I know there are some places that rent lanes for the whole night, and I thought that would be fun. So I'll keep you posted!
And have a nice day.
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