June 26th, 2002



I think this is the least babyish-whiny-complainy that I've ever been when being sick. No one I know can believe that I even went to work, not cause it was me but just cause I had four teeth pulled. So if someone calls me whiny again I'm going to hit them.
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Bored, bored, smored, dored, lored, bored

I made some new icons...this is one of them...one day I'll get around to posting them. That's all. Have a good day.

Oh, and everyone...big party at Bishop Lake the 6th of June, cause my friend Julie is going to be in town. We'll be at the lake all day, come whenever, even if you don't swim, we won't be in the water the whole time, come just to hang out (Beef that includes you, please!) I would love for you guys to all meet Julie and for those of you who have met her you would get to see her again...she's so cool. More info will be coming, but set aside that day, alright?
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