June 27th, 2002

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La de da

"Where shall we begin?"
"Very good. We are here. Where shall we travel to next?"
"Someplace that's not here?"

I love Del.

Hey, Matt sent me this email awhile ago and I thought I would remind everyone that the info was posted on the website, and I thought it was really interesting regardless, so if you know what I'm talking about or think you do or have no clue but want to find out, Click here.

I made Melissa a cool icon, when she loads it you'll have to look at her journal and see it.

I was sleeping in the van in the farmer jack parking lot minding my own business not bothering anyone and out of nowhere this stupid hornet comes by and decides to sting me. That woke me up. Ouch, I forgot how much bee stings hurt! I remember when I used to catch them in bottles, and then after I caught five and the sixth one stung me, and I ran crying to mom, she'd say, what were you doing? And I'd tell her, and she would say, serves you right. Utterly random memory; did anyone else ever catch bees in pop bottles?

My teeth feel funny. I need to be able to brush them; I think they just feel dirty.

I am SO HAPPY that I'm not stuck at inventory. Ha ha ha. They are going to be there until at least 3, probably later. They were SO UNPREPARED when I left at 5 this afternoon.

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