July 2nd, 2002

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Directions to Bishop Lake for all of you cause I know you are ALL coming!

I-96 to Brighton exit 147
Turn onto E Main St
E Main becomes W Main
W Main becomes Brighton
Turn Left onto Chilson (or Chilson Lake road, something like that, if you miss it you can turn at the next street too)
Turn Left into Brighton Recreation Area (I think it's the Campground entrance, the sign should say "Bishop Lake Campground" or something like that.)
Follow the road past the campground turnoff and you'll pass the parking lot for the beach and drive around to the parking booth thingy where they will request $4 from you for parking, most likely. And then park and we'll be somewhere close up to the lake, look for one or two tables together by a grill, oh, and me of course. My family might be there too, they can be easy to spot. The loud ones.
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