July 19th, 2002



Alright. I think the party on the tenth will officially be my "Lisa's Going Back to School Party So Come Cause You Know You'll Miss Her." So, as the title suggests, make sure you come!!

However that won't be the last chance to see me this summer. The absolute last event I am doing in Michigan this summer will be on August 21. Troy and I are going to go see Goo Goo Dolls wsg Third Eye Blind and Vanessa Carlton at Pine Knob (I refuse to call it by the name of a company that paid to have it called by their name; it's Pine Knob). The show starts at 6:30 pm and anyone who wants to come is invited to join us. Tickets for lawn are only $21, which isn't that bad, I don't think. So, anyway, those're my announcements for today. Go in peace.
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