July 24th, 2002

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Just a quickie

Two things real quick and then I am off to bed:

1. Beef, I don't know who is leaving those lousy things in your journal, but you know your friends love you and we would all collectively and individually kick their asses if they ever had the balls to actually say who they were. The anonymous crap makes me just as mad as the stuff they said. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I'm just as pissed about it as everyone else. Love ya, dear, and I'll try to call you soon so hopefully I can see you at least once more before I go back to school.

2. I won't be online for about a week, I have a point to make. I wasn't going to be online tonight but someone told be about the aforementioned thing and I had to say something. But anyway, I'll see you guys in a week...have a great time.

And don't forget about my beach party on August 10th!
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