July 26th, 2002


You know what's weird?

Recentlyish I downloaded "Hero" from Spider-Man and "Crash and Burn" by Savage Garden. I had heard both songs a million times before, and I had liked both songs before I downloaded them. After I downloaded them I actually got a chance to listen to the lyrics. Now I love one even more and I dislike the other a lot. It's weird how that happens.

So "Hero" is icky...the music is great but the lyrics are so down and in need of hope and just plain blah.

And "Crash and Burn" is excellent...reminded me a little of "When You Come Back Down." Anyway, I had to listen to it a couple of times in a row cause I liked it so much.

That's my little bit of randomness for tonight. See you later.
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    "Jaded" by Aerosmith