August 11th, 2002


I hate being sick

1. Mt Pleasant
I had such a great time visiting Sara this weekend. On Friday we went to the casino, but I forgot my id so we got kicked out before we could gamble anyway. So we went to the casino's arcade and had an absolute blast. "This place is like Spanish Fly. This'll probably be the first time I don't score after this." Sara won about 165 tickets and I won 310. So we saved them and said we'd come back on Saturday. So then we go home and watch our "Friends" marathon and play our drinking game...with Dr. Pepper of course. And that really got to me, too, cause I passed out before the end of the marathon. "Or we could do the ACTUAL telephone thing." Then Saturday Sara took us on a tour of Central, which is huge, and remember people, I'm comparing this to River Forest, which is probably crammed into a smaller space than CUAA is. So for the most part that was fun, although I got really hot and uncomfortable and later found out why...I was running a fever. So I rested for awhile and we didn't see Lilo and Stich or xXx. But I took some meds and felt better enough to go back to the casino (with my ID) to play some more arcade games and cash in our tickets for prizes, which, in this case, were worth more than we paid to play the games. Plus I gambled a bit for the first time...only $6. And I lost the first five pretty easily in the quarter slots. Wild Rose is not a good one to play. But I used the last three quarters I had in a different quarter slot and won I think 10 total before I dropped down to five and cashed out. It wasn't too bad. And of course that night they didn't card us. Bastards. So then we went to the arcade and spent loads of money but with actual results...three jackpots total between me and Troy at different games. That was cool. Se I ended up with about 765 tickets and Sara and Troy had a bunch too and we went up to cash out and it took us forever. The guy behind the counter was so bored with us he started giving Sara free stuff. So the three of us each got a monkey and a penguin who later became sheriff pengiuns by virtue of the sheriff badges I picked out for each of them. Then I also got a littl blowfish on a keychain, a fishshaped slinky, six little dice, a big clear die, a pink bouncy ball, pink camo fuzzy dice, and I think that's it. So then we went home and I beat Sara in Trivial Pursuit and then we passed out again. And Troy and I got up at the buttcrack of dawn to leave, and I felt so sick in the car we had to stop so I could get some IB. so I didn't throw up. But then I felt better. And all in all I had a blast. Sara, I definitely plan to come up agian.

I have other stuff to post but that will come later, I don't want this entry to be so long that no one even reads it.
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