August 23rd, 2002

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I'm back home...

yes, home. and for the most part I'm really happy about it. i hated the new registration process. instead of having every office that you have to go set up stations and you go around all in one place and get everything done in less than an hour, they did a "register on your own" setup. basically this means they don't tell you what to do or where to go, you just gotta guess in what order to do things. i ended up going to academic advising first, but there was a hold on my account from business services. so then i went to financial planning and they sent me back up to bus. ser. empty handed...back down to financial planning. (all the while totting a bag of books I had to buy earlier). and then finally it all works out. mind you there was also a wait of 5 to 20 minutes at all these different stations. blah! But overall I'm really happy to be back. the room looks great. i already got sarah to talk about australia and we're going to meet with someone next week. hopefully i'll have money to pay for the next two months in my bank account (and dammit the B of T is CLOSED!!)

I'm sure I'll update more later but Sarah wants her puter back and i gotta go see people.

hope everyone is doing well...and I already miss most of ya!

ps. burkee if you think the emotions on here are limited...on our doors this year we have a little spinny wheel thingy with an arrow that has six different emotions..."grumpy" "sleepy" "silly" "joyful" "sad" and "stressed"!!! What to pick?
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