August 25th, 2002


My roomie is great...

My username still isn't working so she's letting me use her computer again...sarah's great.

We decorated yesterday and today. We have our wall of men up, and our posters on the ceiling, and our comic strips on the door...and then just some misc pictures and things around the room.

I love my room.

Not much to report right now. Tryouts for Fish and the plays are coming up. Lori is directing Brighton Beach Memoirs and Doc is doing Up the Down Staircase reader's theater style. In addition to hoping I get to act in them Jules and I are properties managers for ACT which means we either do props for both plays or have to find other people to do props for both plays. Plus I wanna help build and maybe do some other things too. It's gonna be an incredibly busy theater season and I can't wait.
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