August 29th, 2002

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Theater and Film

"For some film actors...the mere thought of doing stage work is as frightening as starring in the sequel to Cutthroat Island or The Postman."

"When the little boy in Close Encounters beautifully registers his awe at the dazzling light beamed from a spaceship, he is not acting at all. He is really being caught candidly by the camera as he watches Steven Spielberg dance in a bear suit."

both from The Actor as a Storyteller by Bruce J. Miller
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And now for the downtime...

Auditions went well. I was much happier for my "performance" for Staircase than for Brighton Beach, but that's okay. So much the better. Whatever I mean by that, I don't know. Now I have two math classes worth of homework to do and a lot of reading. And I won't get much of any of it done. And I won't get caught up this weekend cause Mel is coming to visit. Of all the things...let's start off really behind!

As long as I get in the play(s), I don't care.

Callbacks are tomorrow, callbacks list posted tonight...pray for me, okay?
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