September 10th, 2002

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For Brett...

...this made me think of you:
"Any idiot can face a crisis—
It's this day-to-day living
that wears you out."
~Anton Chekhov
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s60 harriet half smile

Yesterday I had a glimpse of God

I was walking to dinner, and I had my sunglasses on (I didn't lose them all summer for more than a day! The first time in years that I have managed to keep a pair through a whole summer. But I digress...) and I looked up at the sky, and the sun was behind a cloud, and radiating from behind the cloud were a these incredible sunbeams that just went on for forever. I just stood, and stared at the sky for about three minutes. I must have looked like such a major idiot, but it was just such a glorious site. It was like God was behind that cloud and his glory was radiating out, it couldn't be hidden. It was absolutely beautiful and I just stood there and thanked God for the reminder of how awesome he truly is.
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ha ha

I just noticed...

the little emotion dude in the last entry I wrote is wearing sunglasses--and in my entry I talked about wearing sunglasses. Tee hee hee.
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