September 12th, 2002


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“There is no greater sorrow than to recall, in misery, the time when we were happy.” (Nessun Maggior dolore, Che ricordarsi del tempo felice Nella miseria.) ~Dante, Inferno

Secret Intrusions

I wish for you
in an untitled moment
to break this curse
of unspoken enslavement.

I am faulted for much
but willing to seek atonement.
I would count every speck of sand
every bit of stardust to be with you.

But without a doubt,
because without trust there is no hope,
I have never in my life felt
more alone than I do now,
for I know what I need needs me not.

And if there is need, then it is unspoken.

Let me break down the temple walls
to let light so shine in.
I wish for you in an untitled moment
to hold my hand through
this flimsy veil of humanity.
I am faulted for much even in this
secret intrusion.

~Kevin Max Smith, At The Foot Of Heaven
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