September 15th, 2002

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Ok, it's O-Fishal!

My Fish name for this year is...(*drumroll*)...Fish Upon A Star. (Thank you Beef.)

And a few other interesting ones at the moment are May The Fish Be With You (I suggested it to Melanie; thank you Troy, she is very pleased with it), Call Me Fishmael, and hsiFsdrawkcaB.

In other news, Friday night me and a few friends of mine (Lindsay, Sarah from Napa, and Julie, and Anna) walked to Blockbuster and Dominick's and Walgreens and spent way too long shopping. (But not too much money, however...) And we rented Rainbow Bright and The Star Stealer. And I realized while watching it that it really...sucked. I used to love Rainbow Bright as much as the next person, but when it comes down to it...she's whiney. She reminded me of a certain person from high school...Anyway, all throughout the whole movie all I could think of was, "We should sooo be watching She-Ra. She's so much cooler than Rainbow Bright."

And to completely change the subject...I am really getting tired of my friends saying they won't be in my wedding because of the color of my bridesmaid dresses. You know what, fine, if you can't stand the color hot pink so much that you would rather not be in my wedding, then you don't freaking have to be! In fact, don't come. <sarcasm>I wouldn't want you to throw up during my wedding cause the color pink makes you that sick.</sarcasm> Argh!!! Aside from making me mad, that hurts, too. You know, I don't know how serious they are, but they certainly sound like they might be. And I mean, I know pink isn't everyone's favorite color but you'd think that my best friends would care enough about me to be able to put their personal feelings aside for an hour and a half while they wear the stupid thing. (My reception will be at a park by a lake or a beach or something so they don't have to wear it in public for more than just the wedding.) It just made me feel really crappy today when Julie said she wouldn't be in my wedding.
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