September 19th, 2002



Australia is off.

In an effort to distract and cheer up myself I am going to instead tell everyone what scene I picked for my final directing scene in A and D. It's a scene from "Soap Opera." Yes, I know there are better plays out there, but Brett I just couldn't get my hands on a copy of Don't Drink the Water before the scene was due. But anyway, I really like "Soap Opera" and I want to train myself to be able to think outside of my realm of experience and do plays differently than they were done when I was in them. Especially since I want to one day direct about five plays that I have already acted in or seen done before. Anyway, the cutting I picked starts when Ed is all alone trying to get to his crutches (good blocking here--groan, I'm such a director at heart!) and then falls asleep and then Lily comes in and then The Mysterious Woman In Black enters, too. And it continues through such lines as "Did you ever have a mother?" and "Fate has brought us together!" (seriously contemplating using that same blocking move that Brenner thought of) all the way until Vera gets pushed into the closet and right before the policewoman comes in. I'm excited about it. If anyone doesn't know the story, ask me and I can probably send you the pages at least of the scene I'm doing, because in order to save money I'm going to scan it into the computer and print off all the copies I have to make. Bah! on my class for making me pay extra money for crap! Bah on them I say!

Anyway, I'm off to lunch now, it was nice to think of something else for a bit.
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