October 24th, 2002


This probably springs from the eternal headache in my skull

You ever get the feeling that you just don't belong, and won't, ever? That even though you are the veteran, the newcomers somehow fit it in better than you? That they will always get more than you? That just when you feel like you should be up there you get tossed back down to the floor again? That no matter how much passion and love you have for something, none of that matters, cause you aren't the right kind of person? And so you watch person after person surpass you, while you just sit around on the outside and wonder what you're doing looking in.

Bah! I need Clutch, this techno isn't helping, it needs pulsating lights and loudness and smoke to make my headache go away. (Ironic, isn't it? Pair the stuff that gives most people headaches with techno and the combination is so effective at getting rid of them.)
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    "Calm Before the Storm" by Darude