October 31st, 2002

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What is the name of the song (or the artist who sings it) that goes:

If heaven ain't a lot like Detroit, I don't wanna go.

puhlease if you know can you get back to me?

Thanks all!
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Karkota that was great!!

Here are my highlights:

lisa is forever smiling
lisa is set to go wild in zambia
lisa is absolutely correct
lisa is king of the world (or queen of Canada)
lisa is a loser
lisa is true
lisa is cool have you seen lisa's journal? i like it an awful lot and i'm sure you will
lisa is an outspoken adversary of the left and radical feminism and a proponent of modern conservative principles
lisa is kept in the warden's office
lisa is a good mother because she is a kind
lisa is dead
lisa is a very experienced musical theatre actress and dancer who most recently starred in les miserables
lisa is now a minimal hurricane
lisa is still in college
lisa is a story about a man named george
lisa is fully functional
lisa is the voice behind some of the 1980s' most memorable songs
lisa is the best
lisa is a slighly boring character because she's so good all the time
lisa is an enthusiastic and motivated teacher who is totally inspired to assist others in finding their own answers
lisa is an expert sound designer and arranger as well as the premier new age harpist
lisa is the child of a jewish mother and a black father

Click here to find out all about you!
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A really awesome story...

My fellow Fish Melanie told us this story the first day of Fish this year, and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Right before Christmas last year her dad's plane crashed and he died. She kind of expected something bad to happen around that time, (that's a long detailed digression) but she was still totally shocked, and really struggling with the why question. That Tuesday they had a memorial service, and the pastor asked her if she wanted to speak. She did, but she just said a few things about her dad and stuff. Later the pastor asked her if she wanted to speak at the funeral on Friday. She said she would, and later when she was thinking about it she decided that instead of talking about her dad she would share the gospel. So the funeral came, and she got up and opened with "...choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve...but as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord." and began by saying that this was something her father stood by, that he was a strong Christian influence in her life and that he always made certain that they followed Christ. And then she basically outlined the Gospel. She said there were about 500 people there.

Later that day she and her family were at the grave, and there was a guy standing off to the side, looking at her, and he was crying. Melanie was wondering who he was, and why he was so upset, since he didn't really know her father that well. She recognized that he had been a member of their church a few years back, but he had converted to Judaism. Finally he came up to her, and he said, "You will never know what you did." That Sunday he and his family were in church.

The next part I'll tell you in Melanie's words: "And then and there, I knew it was okay. I knew why my dad had died, and I was okay. Because I know I'll see my dad again, but now I get to see them too, and that makes it all okay."
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