November 8th, 2002


Hell is ended...yea God.

And I don't mean the above to be blasphemous in any way shape or form. I am very thankful to God that I made it through this week alive. I was up until about 5 working on my presentation for today, which wasn't so bad. Most of the people who have presented have basically written a paper and read it to the class. I just worked off my outline and presented it like, well, a presentation. And while my content may have been lacking some, and my presentation was completely ad-libbed, I still think I did alright. And now I am going to nap before my math class that I have to miss because of a field trip required by a class that is general education. It's ridiculous in my personal opinion.
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ha ha

The things I ponder on two hours of sleep...

I was walking back to my dorm today and I heard this "conversation:"

First guy to second guy, "Homo!!"
Second guy to first guy, "Blow me!"

Now, maybe you can't grasp the fullness of that conversation in just the words I have typed, but it really made me think.

Was the second guy's response supposed to be a denial of the first accusation? I mean, when it comes right down to it, wasn't his response more like an agreement? It's like he was saying, "Damn straight." ...Well, I guess not. Maybe more like, "I sure am!" Or he could also have been saying, "Yes, but only if you are too." Do people even think about what they say anymore? What if this came up in court, how would he defend himself? "Did you not respond with instructions for him to blow you?" "Figuratively speaking, of couse." I'm sure it's lost all of it's humor now that I have analyzed it to death, but I thought this was funny.
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