November 16th, 2002

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Two completely separate ideas in one entry

First a poem that Butch made me think of tonight:

You say you don't want to drag me
along through your hardships
But I tell you, love is sharing
your burdens, for they are my own
You see, your life is mine as well
ours are one—a life together
I take you, for better for worse
and even when times are hard
I will stand by you forever

And the other idea for this entry comes from a speaker I had the fortune of hearing at lunch today. She was a deaconess who works mainly now with prison ministry, and a lot of the things she had to say really reput things in perspective for me. The really sobering statement she said was in reference to how she looked at the people she visited. "There, but for the grace of God, go I." That if she had been raised in a different family or in a different neighborhood or if her parents had divorced or if she had met a different crowd of friends or if she has made different choices..."there, but for the grace of God, go I." And it really brought me off of the pedestal I put myself on. I'm not so much better than the other people who do stupid things. I'm not so much better than the person who gets drunk when something lousy happens to them. But for the grace of God, but that he graces me with strength to face my difficulties, but that I have him to go to when I am hitting bottom, I would probably turn to alcohol. Lord knows (literally speaking of course) that I've wanted to at times. Anyway, I just thought that it was a really important thing that I wanted to share, cause it was something that I needed to hear. Especially when it comes to you, Becky, and when you feel that I'm judging you. But I could have been in your position very easily, it's a hard thing to stay away from. Anyway, that's it for tonight, except to say that the music from both Labyrinth and The Never Ending Story is pretty cool.
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This is a shameless entry. I just want to show off my new icon. So there it is, it should be on your friends' page. If it's not, then click on post a comment and you'll see it. Besides you wanna post a comment anyway. Have a good day everyone.
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