December 4th, 2002


Giddiness is a fun way to get rid of the stress of the day

Thank you God for giddiness. I love my friends. I hope I get to see all the Michiganian ones.

I want to know you
I want to hear your voice
I want to know you more
I want to touch you
I want to see your face
I want to know you more

I had such a great weekend. I haven't really gotten a chance to tell anyone about it. I think the best part was the talk I had with Elizabeth (who is a form of Baptist I think) on Friday night. We had this great talk about the differences between her denomination and mine, and I think I cleared up some confusion on her part. But it really helped me learn about what I believed and what I needed to get more information about cause I wasn't certain about the answers. And that actually was part of the reason for that question I asked in my polls. Because later Sunday in the van ride home, we Fish were all chatting about stuff and a vague religion topic got brought up and Kristen said her opinion, and I was about to say mine, and she said, "But let's not talk about religion, I get pissed off." I was like huh? I just don't get that. I mean, how can you be a witness if you can't talk about it cause you can't keep from getting pissed off? That just really blew my mind. I dunno, I mean I think I used to be like that, but I learned that you can't get through life if you get mad at people who think differently than you do. I dunno, God has blessed me with so much this semester alone, and tolerance and patience with other people is a big one. "But, for the grace of God, go I," is a lesson he has helped me to remember when I find myself placing judgment on others. That was kind of off of the subject, but anyway, I really need to work on this really stupid homework assignment so I'm gonna stop writing now, but I haven't had a personal update since I got back, which seems like awhile but was really only two days ago. Anyway, have a great day everyone.
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"A thought of the strength of a saint who has passed to a life without pain and rejoices at last. A pew in the nave of a church in a town of a land with a king who stood tall for the crown. A word from the speech of a martyr who gave a life for the cause of a people to save." ~"Everybody" by Lost and Found
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I just had to rant cause this really applied to me...and her LJ is friends-only comments

"Why do people post song lyrics in their lj's? This isn't directed at anyone in particular......just in general. My philosophy is most people probably haven't the heard the songs that are posted. I'm always sitting there going, wtf? Gee, I wonder what kind of melody this has? What kind of rhythm? It just annoys me. I usually don't even bother with those entries cuz I know that I don't have any basis for relating to them.

Which also leads me to.......why do people post quotes and poems in their lj's when they are dumber than shit? (The people posting them, not the quotes and poems!) Maybe it's to make themselves appear intelligent? Yes or yes? It's not working. *sweet smile* (And yes, that is directed at someone in particular....but no one on my fl!)" ~from nightkiss's LiveJournal

Apparently this person doesn't understand the concept of poetry. And lyrics are poetry. Yes, they usually have a lot more meaning within the music than outside of it, but if a song's lyrics can't stand alone they aren't that great to begin with. At least in my opinion. And speaking of people being dumb...this person also used 8 total profanities in her entry. My grandfather used to say (according to my father) that people used profanity because they weren't intelligent enough to think of other things to say, i.e. they had a small vocabulary. Wait, I guess I just quoted someone. Oops.

Sorry, someone referenced this in quotes and I just had to have my two cents. I have something else to say, but it can wait til another entry. Later.
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This has really become something important to me lately...

In Diversity this morning we were "wrapping up the subject" and the question was posed by the profs: "I had a Hindu student from India who was this close to coming to Concordia. Do you think he would have been happy here?"

A few people said things like maybe, I don't know, but someone said something about Concordia students being mean. And that linked to something else that I've been thinking about lately. So here is what I said:

I think one of the reasons that Concordia students are mean, and I agree that some of them are, is because of a myth that many Lutherans have concerning our religion. We place so much emphasis on the fact that we are saved by grace and not by works that many Lutherans think good works are not necessary. It doesn't matter what we do because we're saved anyway. And I've also talked to someone recently who is not Lutheran and she was encountering Lutherans who misunderstood Baptism. They thought that they were saved simply because they were baptized. And they would act like it didn't matter what they did because they were baptized so they were going to heaven. And I think this is one reason why people on campus are not nice. And it's really wrong, but it's something that is so misunderstood. I had someone in Fish, someone who is in the pre-sem program, say to me the other day, when I said something to him about not being nice, "Did I ever say I was nice? Did I introduce myself, 'Hi, I'm _________ and I'm a nice person?' No. I never said I was nice..." etc. And I thought, Yeah, when you tell me that I'm ______ and I'm in the pre-sem program at Concordia, then yes, I expect you to be a nice person. If you are a Christian you are called to be a "nice" person. I couldn't believe it. And I just don't get it. I really don't. I think I said a few more things but that was the gist. We had to end on that note, too, cause we had a quiz to take. But as we were passing out the quiz my prof thanked me for sharing in class. That was pretty cool cause I didn't think she liked me very much; this is the class I've been skipping a lot.

"What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? By no means! We died to sin; how can we live in it any longer?" ~Romans 6:1-2

"So from now on we regard no one from a worldly point of view. Though we once regarded Christ in this way, we do so no longer. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!" ~2 Corinthians 5:16-17
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