December 9th, 2002


I think I'm going to cry

I need to buy my plane ticket by credit card by Sunday. Anyone have a spare 1500 on their credit card they can loan me? I have about half of that in the bank now. I will have the rest by Christmas or January 18th at the latest. I hate money. I hate having money coming but not having it right now. Money sucks. It does nothing but crud things up.
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Thank you Lord for faith, trust, support, love, and peace. Please give me as much of those as you can right now. I know it wil all work out. Thank you for friends who care and will pray with me. Thank you for listening to my prayers. Thank you that I found this out today and not later this week so I still have time to figure it all out. Thank you for everything. Lord, in your mercy, hear my prayer.
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And now I smile

Thank you Jeremy, you have impeccable timing. I love the gifts. They're insane, but that's how I know they're from you.
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