December 13th, 2002

s60 harriet half smile

insert crazy cartoon character noises here

I think I'm manic at the moment.

Wee he heeeh heehe he

John Huss was a heretic but he was preLuther and I'm going to ace my test tomorrow well not ace but bace cause that's just below acing

I think i'm too hyper to sleep

Did I mention that I'm manic right now?

psychotic laughter

you all are wondering what I'm smoking or sniffing or dropping or what but it's really just the history of the christian biography it does strange things to you man

now I lay me down to sleep
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I have a sense of direction... long as I have done the trip quite a few times already with other people or I have a detailed map with me.

I took my mom downtown to Navy Pier cause I had to return a gift at Go! The Game Store. I thought it turned out very well. I got off the bus on the way back two streets too soon, but other than that it was fine and dandy. She didn't like all the steps, but she had fun. Other than being tired.

I'll be home tomorrow night. See everyone soon.
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    "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" by The Stones