December 16th, 2002

s60 harriet half smile

Bah on everything

Which View Askew Movie Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

I thought I would've preferred Chasing Amy but not according to the description the quiz-maker used. Go figure, though, I got the same as Beef.

My sister's background is a huge closeup of a luck dragon. Awesome.

Made it home in one piece. Got sick somewhere on the way, but that's fine, at least the fever's gone.

All you multi-quiz posters: Consider the LJ-cut tag, and give us dial-up people a chance!

Cute guy at work, but he's probably like 17. I feel so old.

I didn't leave my room as messy as I thought I did, so it might actually be livable for the next two months. And other than feeling majorly crappish life is alright.

I miss late night convos with Bud. :(
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