January 2nd, 2003


One More Thing

I hope when Brett gets back he at least reads this one...

Bud said on New Year's Eve that he still gets a kick out of the fact that my idea of a good time is hanging out, watching movies, and sleeping. I thank my 9 months with Brett for that one.
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Hi. If I type like I'm five, you'll understand shortly...

Okay, you'll know why, but you may still not understand.

I had a wonderful day today. I got up way to early, but that's okay anyway. I worked until 2 when Troy picked me up and then we went shopping. First mistake. We went to Costco. They have such nice clothes. And I really wanted a new coat. Soooooo I was going around trying on coats and picking out clothes and stuff and I found this very nice suede coat that had a price tag on it: Suggested retail price- $139, but there was no Costco price tag and it was the only one of its kind in the store. I was planning on spending about $50-60 dollars on clothes today, but Troy and I both figured there was no way the coat was less than a hundred, and I couldn't afford to spend that much, especially since I'm going down under anyway and won't need it. So the lady goes to look up the price and it was FIFTY DOLLARS!!! So of course I bought it. I very glad Troy made me go check the price.

Then we went to Best Buy so I could pick up some cd's with my gift card from my uncle. I was going to pick from A Boy Named Goo, Maroon, the new Dishwalla, or Mad Season. I wanted two. I was going to go with Mad Season and Maroon but they didn't have any of Mad Season so I was going to get the Goo Goo Dolls one but then I saw Sultans of Swing: The Best of Dire Straits and I was like OOOOOOHHHHH! So I grabbed that and Maroon and hightailed it out before I found anything else I wanted.

Then we were going to go back to Troy's but we passes Toys R Us on the way and I was going to pick up Apples to Apples for his family but they didn't have it but I hadn't been in TRU in years, literally, so we walked around for an hour and a half. And for an hour and twenty of those minutes I was carrying around a big huge Cheer Bear. I didn't want to let him go, either. Except we went back over to the stuffed aminals and I found something else that I wanted...a Delirium Fish. By that I mean that it looked like one of the one hundred and eleven tiny multicolored fish that Del absentmindedly transformed into. It was so perfect that I could not leave the store without it. (Speaking of the store, when I walk into TRU I start talking like I'm in kindergarden again...hence the subject line.) And since Troy didn't want me to go to jail for shoplifting cause he would miss me, he bought it for me. So now I have a Del fish and his name is...The Borghal Rantipole of course. Silly people. What else would I name my fishie?

Okay, now we are going to watch The Castle and I'll tell you later if I recommend it or not.
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