January 11th, 2003


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Hi, we're your Australian University and we're going to bill you for an additional $955 dollars and oh, we're going to label it "additional fees" and not tell you what they're for.

Oh, and yeah, my dad's still an idiot, and the census date so I can get my extra financial aid back to me is the 18th, and oh, wait, what happens if I don't get my loan app in in time? Don't know cause I can't call CURF it's Saturday. And oh, yeah, so all these random additional fees keep popping up all over the place and I'm rapidly losing the little spending money that I was hoping to have. Did I mention that Party Shitty is working me like 24 hours a week as opposed to the 36 that I was hoping to get? So instead of the 190 a week I was counting on from them I'm getting about 120-140. I don't even know if I'm going to be able to freakin pay the bill let alone pay Katie back and, oh yeah, have money to spend while I'm down there. Oh, what's that? That's right...if I don't go whatever money I've already spent is pretty much shot, I think I get like 3% refunded back to me. And I can't exactly go back to Concordia two weeks into the semester with no room on campus and no classes. Gee, looks like I'm just SOL aren't I? Fun.

"All of my dreams get shattered, but I never lose my faith." ~Nathan Jurgella

"It will turn out well."
"How will it?"
"I don't know, it's a mystery."
~Geoffrey Rush and Joseph Fiennes, Shakespeare in Love

And if the only thing you have to say after this entry is some negative comment about me quoting SIL then please by all means go right ahead and I'll just take you off my friends list cause apparently you don't particularly care one way or the other.
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