March 26th, 2003



I had a wonderful day. After a whole night of working on my presentation and two hours of sleep I got up and barely made it to my first class just late. Then I rehearsed some more for my presentation and then I gave my presentation. The other girl went first, and she sat on the table and just talked. I was soooo relieved, I could do that! So I sat on the table and just talked, it was WONDERFUL! I was so happy with how it went. The only bad part was I had to rush a little at the end, cause the other girl went over time. I was sooo happy after this.

Met Andrew walking home, he got the first hug cause I was so happy about the above (Sarah got second and Chris got third). He bought me pizza (as a congratulatory thing I think). Then we went to the beach, and I swam in the ocean and drank half of it and collected more sea glass and shells. I sunbathed and got just barely burnt to the point where you couldn't see it but feel it and I rode on the back of a jet ski on a boogie board that was attached and I body surfed and I wiped out and I had a BLAST.

Then I came back and ate dinner and had ice cream (chocolate with strawberry topping) and watched A Walk In The Clouds which wasn't the greatest but it was still rather sweet and I'm a hopeless romantic so what do I care if the main guy can't act?

Now I'm checking LJ and printing out my physic homework and working on that and going to bed.

Australia Checklist
SCUBA dive
get wicked tanned (in progress, believe it or not)
get kickin sun bleached hair to go with wicked tan (in progress)
swim in ocean
listen to the natives talk (in progress...sigh)

I had a whole lot more but I can't remember them now
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