May 18th, 2003

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I was going through my entries month by month trying to find out what the record number of comments on a single LJ entry was...and it would be 37 exactly. Yes, Karkota, it is on our running comment page. Which makes it so very hard to add another comment to it, I mean, 37 is such a special, sentimental number. If we went past it we couldn't stop until we got to another great number, like 137. Yeah. So if you add to it we can't stop until we have added another 100 comments. Okay? Yeah, I didn't think you'd mind.
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Some randomness that I wanted to post...

I meant to post this snippet of conversation the other day:

"Yes, the Christian Church has done some stupid things in the past, I admit."
"Like Catholicism."

And last night I was in the mood for female vocalists and I realized that I own (at least here with me, and I'm pretty sure there aren't any at home) ONE Christian cd with a female lead singer. All my generally favorite Christian bands are male: dc Talk, Newsboys, Jars of Clay, Smalltown Poets, Lost and Found, Relient K, etc. I think my Sonicflood cd has some songs that are sung by a female lead vocalist but not even all. And actually, my Best Of Plumb cd is the only cd in my whole wallet that has female leads for all songs. I thought that was weird. I think my new goal when I get back is to find a few female Christian artists that I like. Maybe I'll borrow some of Katie's Rebecca St. J or something, I don't know, I want more like girl-rock music, or girl-punk. Any suggestions?

And speaking of Plumb, the other day some people were watching Brokedown Palace and yesterday when I was listening to my Plumb cd I was sure that there was a song on there that was in the movie...and for one of the first times in my history of using IMDB it actually failed me--no soundtrack listing for Brokedown Palace...but that's what google is for. And I was right.

Alright, enough random rambling. Time to work. Later.
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