June 6th, 2003


The Interview Game


1. What is your personal theme song (like you're in a movie or musical or something and this song starts to play everytime you walk into a room full of people)? "You Are My Sunshine"

2. What would you consider your biggest regret (if any) over the last year? Lying to someone who trusted me.

3. Honestly, does my ass look fat in these jeans? Timmy you have a fabulous ass my dear.

4. Name a person you don't/didn't know personally whom you'd like to spend an hour with. Manda butterscotch_ed

5. So tell me Lisa, what would you do for a Klondike bar? Wouldn't you like to know...I would play strip solitaire.


1. weirdest animal you've seen in australia? Chris...no wait...I guess an Emu (and it's pronounced emyu, not emoo, which is how most Americans say it...when we say emoo over here we get made fun of).

2. first kiss: name, age, his name..? David Steele, we were both in first grade, and I ran around on the playground trying to catch him, and when I did I kissed him. My first french, ah, freedom kiss was with my cousin when I was about 8 or 9.

3. favorite color, and why? Pink, I've always loved it since I was so little I can't even remember, and it's just stuck.

4. most beautiful building you've ever seen? I really like the house that my great-Uncle/Godfather built for himself next door to my great-grandma's...it was really beautiful.

5. favortie stupid things as a kid (like for example those wax bottles with koolaid in them)? tuna fish and miracle whip sandwhich with sweet pickles, mud tacos, and Video Game...not a video game, but the game that my sister and I made up in our backyard, where we couldn't touch the ground because we would "die" and there were aligators or something, and we would actually sing or hum video game music, like from Mario and stuff

Okay, if there is actually someone on my friends who doesn't have nikki or timmy on theirs, I'll explain the game to you...so you ask me to interview you and I ask you five different questions, and then you post the questions and answers in your journal, and then other people ask you for questions...make sense? Okay, good.
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