June 8th, 2003


A quick update

So I have one of three papers turned in. One isn't due until Tuesday and one I still have no concept of what to write, seeing as I have lost the syllabus. So we'll see what happens. With the exception of a lab I have to make up and my final on the 18th Physics is done. The end of school is getting there for me. And what else should happen as school ends but that I become SICK. Yes, I am sick and it sucks arse. I'm tired, I sleep all day, and I'm getting absolutely nothing done. Everytime I walk past Proud Jeweler's I see the engagement ring I want when the times comes...did you ever just see a piece of jewelry and know that that specific one was the one you wanted, and everything else would probably fall second to it? It's really pretty, I want a picture of it. But that's okay, I'm content with what I have at the moment. Alright, I'm really tired so I'm going to go crash now, I'll post answers to questions when I get a few more sets...

"I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart so long. If we’re in each other’s dreams, we can be together all the time." ~Bill Watterson, "Calvin and Hobbes"
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Mrs. Bell and Brett

Well, I was going to wait and post more together but I didn't realize Brett's answers were going to end up so long...Timmy, you think you talk a lot.

Mrs. Bell's
1. What is your favorite piece of art work or painting?

I haven't found one particular thing that stood out yet, but there is a picture from a book that I would love to be real...it's a blue star in a starfield, and it's from The Midnight Club by Christopher Pike.

2. What one thing bothers you most or makes you angry?

I hate when someone I love is hurting or angry or upset, at me or someone else, and I can't make it better. I have a dire need to fix ripples in ponds and create harmony in other people's lives. Maybe that's why I make mine so complex.

3. What's your favorite period in history? Why?

Ancient Egypt, because it's always fascinated me. I love heiroglyphs and heiroglyphics and the different gods.

4. Facial hair on men - yes or no?

Depends. I like the look, especially gotees on younger men and beards on older men, probably cause my father has a beard. But I don't like them when kissing cause they're itchy.

5. What is your favorite Holiday and best memory of said holiday?

I think it's Christmas...my favorite memory is a self-made tradition I used to have every year until I turned 18, I think. Ever since I could remember I was always the first person awake, and I'd be the first person to see the tree with all the gifts underneath it, and I'd bring my pillow and blanket up with me, and just sit and wait for the rest of my sisters to get up, and then we would wake up my parents. Once I reached the age where I knew I would sleep in past, well, dawn, I would set my alarm just so that I was still the first person awake. I only gave it up a few years ago...

1. where would you define the difference between obsession and undying all attentive love for another?

For a fear years I think I couldn't define that line...unfortunately. I think it is crossed when that love is not returned.

2. if you really could go back and relive highschool, all or none, would you, and why or why not?

Absolutely. Even the day I wanted to die, even the fights and the stress and the crap. I wouldn't even trade the years afterward where I was so stuck on you I couldn't see the forest through the trees. Because inbetween the crap and the stress and the fights were some of the happiest memories I have. Because I didn't know there was life after 12th grade and that made things so much more poignant and intense and real, and that made it all the better. Besides, I could write in high school. I haven't written a poem in ages.

3. do you ever feel that you haven't challenged yourself enough in life? not seen enough, or tried enough things, and does this feeling ever worry you that your missing key opportunities?

I was going to cop out on this one and simply answer "sometimes." But I will elaborate: Sometimes. But then I look at where I am. I never thought I would have a passport, let alone four stamps in it. I never thought I would be to another country (other than Canada) and now I've lived in one and traveled to another. And somehow I know that there's more in the future...and then I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything.

4. name your one single biggest goal that you want to accomplish in your life and what you've done to get towards it. can't have anything to do with God or religion.

I don't think I have one, unless it is to be a mom. Not just to have kids, but to be a mother, all the time, and a good one. I guess the only thing I've done towards it is date. I guess I've accepted a ring, too...

5. someone once told me, "in your life you love a lot of people, some so intensely it's unbelievable, others in other manners, but in the end, the one you marry is the one the you love at the time that you feel your ready to be married" how does that statement make you feel, and why?

I'm starting to see it as more true than I would have before. (Chalk up an undying belief in true love as another reason to relive high school). But I like to think of it more like the way a prof at CURF described it, in terms of law and gospel of course:

"I never understood why I get all these young people asking me 'how do I know who I'm supposed to marry, who God wants me to be with?' They take something that's wonderful gospel and turn it into law. If God pointed to person A and told you that you had to marry this person, you wouldn't say, 'Great, God, thanks!' you'd say 'Well...why that person? I wanted that person.' God gives you this great big world full of people and all you have to do is pick one, just one, to spend your life with!"

And, strictly speaking, the original statement is probably true of everyone. Some people just won't be ready to marry until they find that one true love. Or maybe most people who think they have that true love just think that cause they're ready to marry. We lie best to ourselves. I'm sorry, you did ask me to write a hundred and fifty word essay on that quote, didn't you?
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Mel and Burkee

1. What is the most valuable thing you have gained in Australia?
Freedom from what had become an obsession, and love.

2. What is one time when you most considered killing or severely maiming me while we were roommates?
When you were mean to me while I was sick.

3. How often do you wish Kevin Max and Toby Mac were not married?
Whenever I think of their blue eyes and blond hair...blue eyes...

4. Do you still plan on insisting on hot pink bridesmaid dresses at your wedding?
Uh, yeah. I already pre-warned Chris, told him to get out now if he wanted to

5. What has Concordia given you that makes it worth the tuition?
Katie and Anna and Sarah and Julie and Lori and Fish and a stronger faith

1. Is it possible to have more then one love of your life?
No. That’s why it’s singular. Otherwise it would be the loves of your life.

2. What meal is your favorite and why?
Meal like breakfast lunch dinner or meal like an actual meal? Dinner, and chicken breast with garlic mashed potatoes.

3. What is one of your favorite qualities in a person, like something that everyone of your friends has?
Well, all my friends share the ability to put up with me, so that’s really important. But aside from that, I would say the ability to make me laugh.

4. Are u picking up an Aussie accent or can everyone still tell u're an American?
Ah, I wish. How irresistible would I be? No, I’m still totally American.

5. One time in your life you would like to re-live, either for memory sake or to change.
My first kiss from each boyfriend for memory sake. I would not have sent an email at four am a year or so ago, to change.
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