June 10th, 2003


the sky will break and bleed its light and kiss my face with mercy,,,

I have been enjoying my break from doing everything weekend rather too much. It's now two in the morning and I haven't even begun my paper that is due at some point tomorrow. I'm trying to work on it, it's just not happening. That's okay, Wednesday and Thursday I'm hopefully going into Sydney with Chris to actually see stuff. Go figure, I've only been here how long and I still haven't done the tourist thing in the city. But I'm fixing that soon.

In other news, the first wave of homesickness is starting to hit, it took long enough. I hope my mom does pick me up at the airport, I'm starting to miss her something terrible. By the way, I get back the 14th at some ungodly hour of the morning, I'm sure I'll be at home all day, so if anyone wants to stop by and visit, I miss you guys.

Okay on to fix an icon and then procrastinate some more, prolly make some more coffee, this Duet stuff is great, then I'll work on my paper...really...I have to...maybe...
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Julie and Manda's

1. Why did chris ask me all those questions about lesbianism? Is there really something behind that? Cause he's a guy. At the time he was thinking with his other head.

What is your favorite constellation? I always look for Orion when I'm star watching, cause of you, but I think I'm really going to miss the Southern Cross when I leave. Also, I had Scorpio pointed out to me the other day, that was kinda cool.

What is the most unusual thing that you have put in your mouth? I think Troy's cooked a meal for me once or twice now...

If you could become one object (inanamite) in the world, what would it be? Somebody's photo album or diary.

Have you ever taken something from a store without paying for it? If so was it for a good cause? And did your conscience make you go back and pay for it later? The only time I've ever intentionally shoplifted, that I remember, is when I've "sampled" the jelly bellies in Mr. Bulky's or some other candy store. If they had a sample box where you put in like a quarter for three or something, like they do in grocery stores, I would have paid for it, but they never did. No, it wasn't for a good cause.

1) what's your idea of the perfect 3rd date??The first date would be something totally romantic, the second would be dinner and a movie, and that would make the third date the one where we raid Blockbuster, get one action/guy movie, one romance/romantic comedy/chick flick, one pure comedy, and one movie I know by heart already that, as we pass it on the shelf I ask if he's seen it and he says no, and I say "HOW COULD YOU HAVE NOT? Empire Records/Mallrats/Chasing Amy/Hackers is such a great movie, we have to get that too now." Then we go back to his place, where hopefully we'll be alone, and we order Chinese and cuddle up under a blanket and watch movies and chill. That is a great date.

2) do you use a day-planner or just try to remember everything you have to do?? I think this was the first semester the planner lasted past the first week. Unfortunately it still didn't last til the end of the session. No, I write occassions on the calendar (birthdays, parties, stuff like that) and I use syllabi to get due dates and things like that.

3) what's your favorite cereal?? This is slightly biased cause I haven't had any General Mills since I've been gone, but right now I'm aching for Trix and Lucky Charms and Cocoa Puffs. They also don't have Corn Pops here, and I gotta have my Pops. But when I'm not going through my sugar cereal withdrawal, I would probably say Healthy Choice Lowfat Granola with Raisens.

4) do you go searching for quotes, or do you just write down good ones when they find you I go searching if I am looking for something particular, as I have been lately, but I'm also a member of quotes and when something cool just hits me I try to put it someplace where I won't lose it until I get to my mini legal pad where I keep them...the one I didn't bring with me so it's been kinda hard lately. AGH!

5) what's your dream car?? I have two that I would love to have. The first is my LadyBug, a red Beetle with a black stripe down the middle and some large black dots on either side. The other is generally speaking something with a convertable top. I saw one that I really really liked once a few years ago but, not knowing dick about cars, I have no idea what kind it was.
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Today felt like a bad dream

Almost--no, actually--breaking up--SUCKS
Not being able to have make-up sex--REALLY SUCKS
Going to Lone Star to have steak since you can't have make-up sex--Costly.
Getting a birthday card from Karkota--priceless.

There are some things money can't buy. For everything else there's KOW!
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