September 1st, 2003


I'm sorry and I'm not

I wasn't going to post tonight but after reading some of the Post-Cedar-Point entries I decided to. I am sorry that the drama I was part of made some people uncomfortable or annoyed. I am not sorry that it happened, however, because the talk Troy and I had really helped straighten things out between the two of us, a lot. So, I'm sorry it had to happen at Cedar Point with everyone there, but it was good that it did. I hope I still get invited next time, in spite of it.

In addition, I hate Greyhound and was reminded today of why I don't go home more than once a semester if I can help it. We sat around waiting for an hour at this stop for another bus to come so that three people could change buses. THREE PEOPLE! Argh. And to top it off I was so close to being late for my bus in Detroit because I left my tickets at Troy's house. Thanks to Troy and his mom for getting me there on time.

And now I have a short essay and two or three chapters to read before tomorrow morning. See ya later.