October 6th, 2003

ha ha

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I got this in an offline message from someone on yahoo...
tl1ynch (10/3/2003 1:00:26 AM): Saw your profile on yahoo. Thought you may enjoy this... The Second City Training Center Conservatory Presents: Family Freud You'll laugh you'll cry you'll want to see it again... Fridays @ 8PM 10/17-11/14 Students $5 Regular $8 The Second City Donny's Sky Box Theater 1616 N Wells St Chicago, IL 60614-6002, US TICKETS: 312.337.3992 www.FamilyFreud.org

So, I think I might do that the Friday of my birthday. Anyone interested in going with?

In other news, I teach a class tomorrow! Scared? A little. I need to get some sleep. Which means the lesson plan isn't completely done. Ah, well.
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