October 7th, 2003


(no subject)

And congratulations Lisa, once again you have managed to be really behind and would you look at that your weekend does not exist again. Good job. I love this play and I'm so happy I'm in it but I need for it to be over really badly. I don't have time to mess around like I do and still go to practice and get everything else done.

I was going to type "I don't think I'll be sleeping tonight" but that's not true, cause I'd sleep before I got all my work done. Argh! I am just falling so far behind, and then I see Ashley just messing around all the time and not having a billion things to do and I just want to be a freshmen again. I would so rather be bored all day (Troy) than so busy I can't think straight and want to have nervous breakdowns. I'm at the point where I don't even know what to do first--the stuff that's already late (and put off the stuff that is due on time and make that stuff end up being late) or the stuff I can get done on time so that it isn't late (and put off the stuff that was due a week ago and make it even more late).

On the plus side, my teaching yesterday went really well, those of you that I called to tell about it cause I had to tell someone. I was told by my supervising teacher that I did a good job. So that's a good thing.