October 9th, 2003

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Yucky late nights...but great memories

Tonight at dinner I introduced the In My Pants game to the group with whom I was eating. We had a ball with it, moving on from movies (The Two Towers and That Thing You Do) to television shows ("I Love Lucy" and "I Dream of Jeanne") to novels and plays (Great Expectations and The Foreigner). We must have played it for a good hour or so...wow did it make me think of the "old days" and The Lunchtable. I miss you guys! What good times...you know, I know that most of you hated high school but you have to admit there were some awesome times had at that lunchtable!

Yeah, that's all really, I'm tired. And if you don't know what the heck the "In My Pants" game is...it's similiar to the Fortune Cookie "In Bed" game...and if you still don't know, just ask.

Hey, here's an idea, too. Comment with your top ten In My Pants titles...if you can. Here are a few more of mine:

Oh, The Places You'll Go
Cruel Intentions
My Cousin Vinny
The American President (how apprpriate!)
The Ed Sullivan Show
Three's Company
48 Hours
A New Hope
Savage Inequalities
Pirates of the Caribbean (don't we all wish!)

Okay, now bed. I promise
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