October 19th, 2003


Short Update

So we've had dress rehearsal and opening night thus far, and I think they've both gone really well. Elizabeth Blakemore, a girl I am in Fish with, gave me flowers after the dress rehearsal! It was so sweet of her. And last night a lot of my friends parents and family were there, and Troy of course. Although he's leaving this afternoon.

A lot of people have told me that I did really well, which is so cool. Lori Siekmann gave Julie (the director) just the best compliment ever. She came up to Julie and hugged her after the dress and said, "I got it." And Julie said, "What do you mean?" and Lori said, "I'm going to go home tonight and hug my kids." That was so cool.

Alright, as soon as I get off the phone with Chris I'm going to work on some homework. It's not what's due tomorrow but it's still homework so it counts, right?

By the way, did you know that free users at Greatest Journal can have 1,000 user icons and that they can be 60k instead of 40k?

That's all.
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It sometimes amazes me that I have yet to get bored with theater. I swear, that and math are the only things I haven't picked up and given up since high school. Argh. What's wrong with me?

Artist: Superchick
Album: Last One Picked
Song: So Bright (Stand Up)

you're bored, gotta wonder if there's more
waiting for the dreamlife you thought you had in store

trying to feel something you can chase a life thats thriller
living on the edge drinking, smoking dream killers
coulda been shoulda been woulda been,
what might your life have been
today you're not a has been
but at your life's end
will you have regrets then, have regrets then?
are you ok with today if tomorrow is the end
live today through the future's lens
don't wanna wish you could rewind and play it again

stand up write the soundtrack for your life
it doesn't happen to you you happen to life
stand up, you know you're gonna have to fight
don't wanna lose the will to find your light
stand up, God gave you the gift of life
it doesn't happen to you, you happen to life
stand up, do something with your light
you're a light on a hill, you're meant to shine so bright
so bright so bright so bright so bright so bright so bright so bright

we're all scared, gotta wonder what's out there
shooting down the ones who did what we wish we dared
everybody's scared to karaoke in the open
afraid we're not as special as what we might be hoping
so we're frozen, haven't chosen
just going through the motions
faith and belief, courage overrule emotions
stand up and be counted for something when it's time
decide where you stand, take your hands raise em high
live today through the future's lens
don't wanna wish you could reset and play it again
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