October 31st, 2003


Happy Halloween!

I have not had a Halloween this fun since I was younger. My costume turned out grand, I am so excited about that. My eyes especially worked out just about how I wanted them to. I used the pic of the girl in my defeated icon as a model. And I have lots of pictures that I'll post when I get them later tonight, plus a pic or two for a new icon.

Tonight I'm going to dinner, then a Jedi Knight, a pirate, and a gothic vampire are going to go trick or treating!!! I haven't been in years and we all three have such wonderful costumes that I think it's so worth it. Also, Anna is coming too and she's going to be a little girl in her lavendar pj's and she's going to carry around her teddy bear. I'm so excited about it! We're only going for about an hour so that we can come back for the little kids who trick or treat through the clusters for candy. I have a bazillion jolly ranchers to give away cause I never eat them.

Okay, pics later. Love ya all!
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    "This is Halloween"

What a day!

"Where are we going today Mr. Peabody?"
"We're going back to when you went trick-or-treating..."

So, think back to when you went trick or treating. Did you ring doorbells and knock on doors or did you just go up and holler "Trick or treat!"? I went up to the first door for trick-or-treating tonight and I just said, "Trick or treat!" and Ashley and Anna were like, "you have to ring the doorbell." I told them that we never did that. They said, "what if they aren't near the door they won't hear you." So I told them, that's why you stay near the door. Anyway, I got a decent amount for only going out about 45 minutes. Then we gave away candy to the kids of profs and neighborhood families who came trick-or-treating on campus. And Ashley made balloon animals for the kids...and lots of balloon swords. They were really popular. And now I'm just chilling until Katie gets back so I can finally watch Down With Love. Hope everyone else had fun!