December 19th, 2003


What's Up

So here I am...not a whole lot has been going on. This will probably be kind of random.

I got my Christmas present from Karkota. It's wonderful and I thanks him many times over. I got an autographed by Kevin dvd of Chasing Amy...and an autographed by Jason Jay and Silent Bob comic...and the best part, a panel from the Chasing Amy comic book that was never made...I really love it, Jeremy. Thanks so much!

Chris and I (mostly Chris) got my parents a receiver and dvd player for a Christmas/Thanks-for-letting-me-stay-here-and-date-your-daughter gift. My mom thinks it's cool, but my dad is having trouble learning the remote and getting used to the new thing. Hopefully he'll learn about it, and like it.

Chris and I have been spending a lot of time together, though we haven't had any good talks since we were at school. We've been staying up late watching movies and sleeping in. Oh, and my dad was talking about how he didn't think that Chris was "the one" for me and I asked why. Well, he thinks Chris has nothing going for him (he's only a genius when it comes to computers) and then he tells me that he thinks Chris asked me to get a tatoo and that's why I want one. I couldn't believe it. (For those of you who don't know, I've been thinking about getting a cross/fish tatoo, I haven't even decided for certain.) Anyway, I was just so annoyed at him for that.

I don't know, today I'm in a not so great mood. Probably not a good time to update. I guess I'll try and write more when I'm cheerier.
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