February 1st, 2004


I don't really update anymore

So I have my casts for my one-act. I'm really excited about it. We had read-through's already and it sounds like it'll work out.

Saw Big Fish last night, and I already knew how I was going to feel about it--it's a rare occassion indeed when Troy and I don't agree about movies. So I thought it had a very slowly moving plot but was still a decent movie, if not highly overrated. I'm sure Brett will love it, as everyone says.

I got a letter from Brett today, that's exciting. I am going to read it and take a nap, I think.

Designed the lights for Sleeping Beauty last night with Jordan. Matt asked me how it went. I told him that after two hours of working on them we had to go get drunk. It wasn't that bad, though. I need to talk to Carrie about the end. But the first hard part is done at least. And if Carrie doesn't like the gels we picked out, that's her tough luck. I am sick of using Pale Blue and Cool Blue as cools. Way too boring.

I need to sleep. Later.
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Okay, this is the part where I stop telling people that my neighborhood is safe, really...

My dad went to the party store down the street last night, in the new mini-van (of the two cars we own it's the good one). As he was coming out, a guy with a semi-automatic stopped him and stole the van.

My dad's fine, less one car.

Pray for my family please, they struggle with money as it is, and my sister says that they didn't have theft insurance. (I haven't talked to my mom yet.)

Oh, and in the spirit of dark humor:

KerouacTheCat: hallmark sure doesn't have a card for this.
moredetails15: ghetto hallmarks do
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