April 20th, 2004

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In the spirit of funnyness and laughter

Part One--The Face of A Thousand Laughs
Jordan was very amused at the fact that I have a facial expression (with hands) that can make both Sarah and Ashley laugh like mad. I'll have to get Ashley or Katie to take a picture of me making it so you can see how not funny it is and then picture Sarah and Ashley laughing every single time I do it, even if it's five seconds later.

Part Two--Karkota's Biblical Verses of Inspiration
So...awhile back I was down and my good friend karkota sent me an email of Bible verses to cheer me up. Without his permission (it's not like he said no, I just didn't ask) I am going to repost them here. I have some friends who are going through some depressing things and might like some words of "heavenly" advice and comfort. So, without furthur adieu:
If I only had funny or spiritual quotes…

I think it was in Timothy chapter 4 verse 78 that said “Lisa, it’s going to be okay.” And Jeremiah chapter one verse one (the only chapter and verse coincidently) that sayeth, “*HUGS*”

Some of my other biblical favs:

Joe 1:23 “Fear notith that times are in a slumber, for thou shall thou-ithly be turned around and tickled by our Lord, groovily be thy named, until thee thee-ithly giggles when hence thy holy milk shoots out of thou sinful nose.”

Bob 3:17 “and Jesus and the Devil frolicked and there was peace on heaven and earth, Amen.”

Karkota 1:1 “I love you, more *hugs*, I wish I was able to come visit you next week to give you all though billions of *hugs* in person. But things will get better, you’ve been depressed before, it happens, it’s a sad part of life, but it still can get up to joy.”

I wish to emphasize the last verse to the author himself. (*wink, wink, nudge, nudge*)

Part Three--Sleeping the Night Away
I have recently been informed that college students should receive nine hours of sleep a night. I have to get up tomorrow at 7:45. To ensure my nine hours of sleep I plan to go to bed tonight promptly two hours ago.
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oh no

Make the math stop!

So trying to do 8 sections worth of homework in one night is ridiculous. Not to mention impossible. I got 3 sections done, and the fourth is taking me forever. then I still have three more to do, one that I completely do not understand. And the last three are probably going to take me as long each as this fourth one is taking.

If he lets me take the test on Monday so that I can go on the Fish trip this weekend this might be doable.

Otherwise the word impossible sounds about right.

I don't know how much longer I should work on this and when I should just go to bed. Getting a decent amount of sleep would work wonders when it comes to getting up tomorrow morning.

Oh, dear. Why is this so complex?
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Thank God For Prayer

And for friends who pray with you and make you feel slightly less stressed.
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