April 26th, 2004

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I need a compass. It sucks not knowing which way is North and which is West. Especially when you need to catch the Northbound bus on a street you've never been on before.
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    but I went to class today!
neverending story

Really good days should not end in headaches

I went to class this morning and aced the quiz.

I took my test this morning and did pretty good, I think.

I met the cooperating teacher for my student teaching next year and that went really really well.

I looked all punk today.

I got three packages. TheJesusUnderground.com sent me a free cd for my "continued support." I was going to get some FIF cd's from Amazon cause it was slightly cheaper but I think I'm going to buy from the company that gives me free cd's. I also got my Fish t-shirt, which I will be wearing tomorrow after I teach.

Speaking of teaching, Bertels saw the lesson plan and gave us a 10 on it. Score.

I wore my cute punk pants today with my Jeckyl and Hyde shirt that I love.

I went shopping and bought three new necklaces, including black ones to wear when I wear, um, black stuff, some new earrings including silver hoops and hot pink hoops, new hair things, sunglasses (my first pair of this summer, let's see how long they last), two pairs of shorts that actually fit me as opposed to all my other pairs, a black tank top, some anklets, and two pairs of flip-flops. I think that's it. I spent way too much money but that's okay, most of it was stuff I kinda needed or have wanted for years and years (the hoop earrings).

I took a warm shower.

I think I might be getting sick.

I think I'm going to make a to-do list for the week (which is a very scary thought).

This list of things is going from good to bad...let's pick it back up again...

Chris put a deposit on the plane ticket for August...smiles.
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