April 28th, 2004

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We sang this in Fish today...

The Fish Out Of Water Theme Song
by Elizabeth Blakemore, Ben Carnehl, and Sarah Ross
composed at the Mall of America food court
(to the tune of the Brady Bunch theme)

Here's a story
Of a lovely lady
And her rowdy college students she called "Fish"
All of them were very loud
And obnoxious
And funny--well, we wish!

Her name was Lori
She had a baby
So she made her students do her crazy skits
They drove in big vans
All together
As follows is the list:

We've got Joe, Elizabeth, Ben, Heather, Sarah
Julie, Alec, Allie, Allison, and Ben
Jason, Mona, Lisa, Rachel, Debbie, Sara
Nathan, Steph, now let's go riding in the van!

With all the Fish
Yeah, all the Fish
Out of Water, in the van with all the Fish!

Yeah, so it's probably cool only to us.
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So for those of you who know what I lost in the van this weekend, it's been found. YEA! So now I don't have to buy another one (which was 26 bucks and would only cause me to purchase more Hot Topic items anyway). And I can return it safe and sound. This makes Lisa happy.

Waking up to an annoying duck going QUACK QUACK really loud does not. Neither does waking up when someone comes into the room to wake Sarah up at quarter to 8. In fact that just sucks.

So today probably isn't going to be as great as yesterday and Monday. Especially since I'm really behind on homework and I need to do it all today and tomorrow and maybe Friday.

Okay, bye.
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